Tech Support

Please see frequently asked questions below or call us at 1-855-81-CONNECT (1-855-812-6663) and select option 2 on the menu to speak with a tech support specialist.

Where can I download the Connected Annapolis app?
You can download the app from our homepage on or you can visit the Google Play Store or The App Store and type in “Connected Annapolis”. A green icon should appear.

I am having difficulty connecting the app to the Hub.
Check to make sure the Hub is plugged into power and ethernet. If you still are unable to connect to your hub please call our tech support line at 1-855-81-CONNECT (1-855-812-6663) and select option 2 on the menu.

Can I put the app on more than one smartphone or tablet?
Yes, you can put the app on as many devices as you’d like.

How do I add users?
To add a user, select the User option from the menu and then click on ‘+’ to add a new user. You will be asked to provide a name and email of the user and define the user type.

I forgot my password, what should I do?
If you forgot your password, click on “Forgot Password” link on the main app screen. You will have to provide your email or username. We will send you email instructions that will guide you on how to reset your password.

I am locked out of the app. What should I do?
Either reset your password or call our tech support line at 1-855-81-CONNECT (1-855-812-6663) and select option 2 on the menu.

What are the different kinds of user settings on the app? (e.g., Administrator, Basic User, Advanced User, etc.)

  • Account Administrator – An Account Administrator has full control over the entire account. There must be at least one Account Administrator for each account. An Account Administrator can control or change who has access to each system and at which permission level.

    An Account Administrator can change any account information and is entrusted with controlling all devices without restrictions. This is the highest level of control on your Account.
  • Advanced User – An Advanced User has permission to do almost everything an Account Administrator can do, with one exception: The Advanced User cannot create new users or change the status of others.
  • Basic User – A Basic User can operate Connected Annapolis as allowed by the Account Administrator(s). Typically this is the level that’s assigned to most family members. Essentially a Basic User can use the system, but cannot make any changes to account settings or how the system is setup, and cannot create or change other users accounts.
  • Notification Only Recipient – A Notification Only Recipient will receive notifications by text and/or email when there are events such as security breaches, temperature extremes etc. A Notification Only Recipient cannot control or configure Connected Annapolis. This is the lowest level of permissions granted.

How do I receive alerts/notifications?
There are different notifications you can receive when your devices like door, window and motion sensors get triggered. You can set up your app to receive an email, text or app notification. In addition, an alarm can be set to go off if you have the G550 hub. To set up your notifications, you must go to the web version of the app on Click on “access the hub” and sign-in with your account information. It is in “Users” and “Account Info” and it is called “Notification Settings”.

How do I add one of the devices in the kit (e.g., smart plug, smart bulb, etc)?
In the app go to Device section and select ‘+’ to add a device. Select Device category and locate the device that you are trying to add. Follow the steps on Device Wizard in order to add the device.

How do I add a device to a room?
In order to add a device to the room, select the given device and click on “Assigned to Room”. You can also add a device to a room at the time of setup. Just follow the device wizard and once the device is added to the system you will be able to rename it and assign it to the room.

What is a scene and how do I create one?
Scenes are the tools that allow you to personalize how your devices behave in your home. You can define when your devices will turn on and off automatically or set up various triggers for an action.

To create a scene, select “Scenes” on the Dashboard app and then click +Add Scene

You will select a Trigger:

  • Device
  • Schedule
  • Manual

You will define the expected action to take place.

Example Scenes:

  • Turn on kitchen light at 6am every morning
  • Turn off Open sign at 6pm Monday-Friday
  • Turn on Hallway lights when motion is detected

I am having difficulty creating a scene, what should I do?
Our tech support team is happy to help. Call us at 1-855-81-CONNECT (1-855-812-6663) and select option 2 on the menu.

What is a mode?
Modes allow you to quickly and easily automate multiple functions into one simple button press. For example, when you are away, The Connected Annapolis app will automatically turn off the lights, and adjust the thermostat to save you money. There is also a security feature on the Away, Night, and Vacation modes that will set off an alarm from your controller hub if any sensors are tripped while armed. This device is called a “Hub Siren” and can be disabled or enabled for any mode. The Hub Siren can also be switched off from the devices panel.

To review your modes click on “My Modes” on the Dashboard and explore the predefined settings or customize your own.

What is the hub siren device on my app?
A siren is built into the G550 hub to use as a security feature. It makes a loud sound when triggered, but does not connect to any kind of emergency service like 911.

The siren is preset to go off in Night, Away and Vacation modes when a sensor is armed and triggered. You can shut off the alarm by going to those modes via the dashboard (click on arrow next to modes). Simply click the Hub Siren button off.

A siren has been activated on my G550 hub and I do not know how to shut it off. What do I do?
There are a few ways to shut off the siren. The easiest way is to go into “Devices” from the menu and click the siren off from there. The siren is also activated through Night, Away and Vacation Modes. You can turn the siren on or off from there as well.

How do I pre-program thermostat settings?
You can program thermostat settings on the actual thermostat or on the mobile app. You can set your thermostat to Auto, Cool, Heat or Off, and you can set the temperature as well. To set the temperature, tap on the temperature icon. Slide the setpoint higher or lower then tap “Save”.

How do I customize alerts?
When you set up the hub you can select which kind of notifications you want to receive.

Can I change the language in my app?
No, at the moment our app only supports English.

How do I use the “Geofencing” feature and what does it do?
Geofencing sets a virtual boundary around your home using the GPS built into your mobile device. Nowadays, every smartphone has a built-in GPS sensor. All you have to do is either mark your home’s location on the Connected Annapolis app, so it can trigger devices and scenes to automatically do an action, or stop doing an existing action when you enter or leave the area. For example, change the House Mode to Away/Home, turn off or on lights, or turn off or on the heat.

Will my lights and plugged in devices still work manually if they are connected to the app?
Yes, you can control your devices on the app as well as manually.

I think one of the devices I own is broken or not responding. What should I do?
Our tech support team is happy to help. Call us at 1-855-81-CONNECT (1-855-812-6663) and select option 2 on the menu.

I have a technical question not on this list. What should I do?
Our tech support team is happy to help. Call us at 1-855-81-CONNECT (1-855-812-6663) and select option 2 on the menu.