Tips for Saving Money & Energy

These helpful tips can help you save money and energy by utilizing the power of smart devices in your home!

  1. Preprogram Your Smart Thermostat
    Did you know that your home’s heating and cooling units are generally the largest contributor to your electric bill? Your new smart thermostat allows you to pre-program it, so that you can adjust your thermostat for the time you are at home and away. Ask your installer to set it for you or read the quick start guide on If you are having difficulty, you can also call tech support at 1-855-81-CONNECT (1-855-812-6663).
  2. Access and Control from Anywhere
    The Connected Annapolis App is designed so you can control your new “smart” devices remotely on your smartphone – even when you leave your home. Just open the app and turn things on and off with a simple click.
  3. Your Alerts
    Some people like continuous notifications and other people just want to know when something is wrong. The Connected Annapolis App allows you to choose your preferred setting and receive information when you want it.
  4. Go Ahead and Make a Scene
    You can create custom scenes in your home or business by connecting different devices like lights and motion sensors. If you need any help, ask your installer or call our tech support line at 1-855-81-CONNECT (1-855-812-6663) to assist.
  5. Speak Up
    If you are receiving an Amazon Dot as part of your Journey, all it needs is some clear verbal instructions. Your installer will help you assign names to your connected devices. Then, all you have to do is ask Alexa to turn that device on or off (e.g., “Alexa, turn off my kitchen light”).

For general energy savings tips, visit BGE.COM and click on “Ways to Save” and then “Year-Round Savings Tips”.