Welcome to Journey 4!

Thanks for joining the Connected Home and Small Business Demonstration. We have created a connected home solution designed to help make your life easier and save energy and money at home.

Here is a list of devices included in your Journey 4 Kit.

Controller Hub and App

1 Controller Hub and Smart Phone Web Application

Controller Hub
Model# G150


1 Smart Thermostat

Ecobee 3 Lite
Model# EB-STATE3LT-02

Smart Light Bulbs

2 Smart Light bulbs

GoControl Smart LED Light Bulb
Model# LB60Z-1


1 Smart Plug

GoControl Smart Plug-in Appliance Module
Model# PS15EMZ5-1


1 Temperature Sensor

Philio Temperature/Humidity Sensor
Model# PAT02-B

Android Tablet

1 Android tablet

Door Sensors

2 Door/Window Sensors

Philio Door/Window Sensor
Model# PSM08

Echo Dot

1 Amazon Echo Dot

You can also watch our Journey 4 tutorial videos to see how to connect to the Hub and familiarize yourself with the App.